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Virtual Company Christmas Party

Many companies take this time of year to show appreciation to their employees. This year shouldn't be any different. Perhaps it should be more exciting to pay tribute to the hard work that the employees have had to endure. Company Christmas parties may look a little bit different this year due to the pandemic, but don't let this stop you. There are many solutions to a 2020 Christmas party, social distancing style. So let's jump in with a few ideas on how to show your employees some holiday spirit.


Something that some of us may have done at the beginning of this pandemic, is hosting virtual drinks. But now it’s time to add a little spice. A subscription box is a great resource and gift to employees attending the virtual drink Holiday party.

@shakerandspoon provide all the essentials for a delicious cocktail. It does not come with the alcohol so this gift is HR friendly. I want to people of this because they get to choose their preference of the many alcohol brands.


If there's not a large budget to work with consider going with a more traditional approach. Secret Santa has always been a fun gift exchange and can be sent directly to someone's home. Set a budget, pick a theme, get participants and voilà, long-distance secret Santa.


My personal favorite, party in a box. Organize a box full of fun and festive paper decor, games to be played virtually, holiday treats, a little something special. There are companies you could hire to create the boxes for you (shameless plug). The offer boxes that are tailored towards your group, the occasion, and any specifications. You can approach this in a few different ways. Everyone opens their box at the virtual Christmas party. Or you can set a date for certain things in the box to be opened at your virtual Christmas party. Another fun idea would be to have a competition with the decorations provided.


Send a craft kit to your employees to make together virtually. Ornaments and candles are always a great group craft idea. There are even some local painting classes that are now hosting virtual classes. Consider arranging a class for your team and providing the material.

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